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Now With 10% More Random Video

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the “Love Time Contest.” In short an strange interesting hybrid beauty and talent show. That’s all you need to know. The best part? Manjul (whom you may remember from previous posts such as Gagauzian Hip Hop) performed. So in honor of his performance I am proud to present some really poor-quality and shaky amateur-video with awful sound. Enjoy.



Okay, I’m off to chop wood for my favorite woman in Moldova. Let’s hope I survive intact. I have a bit of a history with freak accidents.




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Meanwhile, in the Casa Mare…

Okay, so here it is. The I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in over a month post. Well, I’ve got things going on, I’m busy and that’s good. Busy doing what? Well, for starters I  began every day in the month of February by walking down the street and collecting 36 liters of water and bringing it back to my apartment. Can you guess why? That’s right, no running water for yet another entire month of my time in the Casa Mare (P.S. I love that song). Long story short, we had an unseasonably cold winter which included several weeks of sub-zero temperatures, intense wind and over a foot and a half of snow. Pleasant. Charming. Because of this, the antiquated, Soviet-era water pipes froze. I spent several days with my neighbor pouring hot water and using a blow torch on every piece of the pipe we had access to but, alas. I called the water company (a personal favorite of mine that you may remember from previous blog posts such as “A Boy Named Su“) and they told me that the ground was frozen 70 cm’s deep and there was nothing we could do. I resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to wait for the pipes to thaw. One entire month passed (a month in which I finally mastered the art of the bucket bath) and then one morning I heard something coming from the bathroom. 

Elsewehere, last week I gave a presentation entitled “Hoosier Hysteria: Basketball, Community and the Development of Gymnasium Architecture in the State of Indiana” to a group of unsuspecting middle-aged Moldovan English-teachers in Chisinau. Taking it to the people!!! Let me explain. The English Teaching Resource Center in Chisinau organized a week-long training session for teachers. For several weeks they repeatedly wrote to me and asked me to make a presentation. I repeatedly told them that I am not an English teacher. In the end they implored me to present on a “cultural topic of my choosing.” Moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for. For most of you the fact that this is what I would choose comes as no surprise. For others, I should explain that I am OBSESSED with Indiana high school gymnasiums and have spent the better part of 7 winters traveling around the state photographing gymnasiums in Indiana. Here’s an example of what I do: Evansville North  The rest of them can also be seen here should you find yourself bored so inclined: Photo Sets

In short, I killed it. I was shocked at how genuinely interested they seemed, well perhaps it’s just the foreign oddity factor but regardless, I’ll take it. After explaining the different types of gymnasiums and the elements that go into designing each gymnasium I had them each design a gymnasium to represent their schools, complete with mascots and color choices. My personal favorite was the purple and gold hedgehog. It was amazing. I also taught them how to play Scattegories with their students.


It’s March Madness. I organized a basketball tournament and picnic for next Sunday to celebrate.

In the last month I have explained what a Hoosier is more times than I care to count.

I fell on the ice in Chisinau and tore up my knee. I’m okay though.

I interviewed a very excentric artist. Video to follow.

I’m going to Greece for a Fulbright conference. I will be presenting on Gagauzian Hip Hop and its role in language revitalization.

I went to Odessa. Holy civilization Batman.

I leave you with two photo sets I made. One is of Comrat in the snow, the other is of the cemetery in the snow. Make of them what you will. As always, I want to hear from you.

Go Hoosiers!


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